Wisdom Teeth:

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Edmonton Family Dental is your destination for wisdom teeth concerns. These late-blooming molars can often cause discomfort or complications, impacting your oral health. Our experienced team is well-equipped to address wisdom teeth issues and provide relief.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are enigmatic entities in dental development. The need for wisdom teeth removal isn’t universally determined but often stems from pain and persistent problems. Partial eruption or challenging cleaning scenarios can lead to cavities and other oral health woes. Some individuals opt for extraction as a preventive measure against future issues or prolonged discomfort.

Understanding Wisdom Teeth Removal:

If you’re contemplating wisdom teeth removal, it’s essential to consult a professional for a comprehensive evaluation of risks and benefits. Emerging wisdom teeth can lead to significant discomfort, infection of soft tissue, or swelling in the mouth and jaw’s rear. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal becomes a viable option. This standard procedure applies to approximately 65% of the population, making it a common dental practice.

Assessing Extraction Necessity:

Wisdom teeth extraction is circumstantial, dependent on factors like jaw size, eruption angle, proximity to nerves, and overall oral health. The following scenarios warrant wisdom teeth removal:

  1. Impacted Teeth: Wisdom teeth that remain trapped within the jaw, unable to fully emerge, cause pain, infection, and harm to adjacent teeth.
  2. Misaligned Growth: Horizontal or angled growth that doesn’t align with the jaw and other teeth can displace or damage neighboring teeth, resulting in crowding, misalignment, and discomfort.
  3. Partial Eruption Issues: Partial emergence can lead to food entrapment and challenging cleaning, fostering bacterial growth, periodontal disease, and infection.

Preventive Extraction and Dental Health:

Wisdom teeth removal serves as a preventive measure against various concerns:

  1. Decay and Gum Disease: Cleaning wisdom teeth can prove challenging, fostering decay and gum disease that might lead to infection, pain, and bone loss.
  2. Cysts and Tumors: Wisdom teeth might develop cysts or tumors that damage surrounding bone and teeth.

Emergency Extraction:

Edmonton Family Dental extends its commitment to dental care through emergency wisdom teeth removal. Swift intervention prevents severe health issues. Pain, infection, swelling, and fever often indicate a need for immediate wisdom teeth removal. Expedited dental surgery improves oral health and mitigates further complications.

Addressing Wisdom Teeth Pain:

Pre-surgery wisdom teeth pain can be managed with these home remedies:

  1. Saltwater Rinse: Reduces inflammation and aids healing. Mix salt in warm water and rinse.
  2. Ice Pack: Alleviates pain and swelling. Apply to the cheek for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Soft Food Diet: Opt for easily chewed foods to minimize discomfort.
  4. Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers: NSAIDs like ibuprofen can help manage pain and inflammation.

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