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We invite you to Edmonton Family Dental located in Queensland. Our dental professionals emphasize patient comfort as well as keeping up with the latest advancements in dentistry.

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  • Teeth Whitening: Achieve a brighter, more radiant smile with our professional teeth whitening treatments.


  • Porcelain Veneers: Mask imperfections and achieve a flawless smile with custom-crafted porcelain veneers.


  • Dental Crowns and Bridges: Restore damaged or missing teeth with our durable and natural-looking crowns and bridges.


  • Orthodontic Solutions: Straighten your teeth discreetly with our orthodontic options, including clear aligners and traditional braces.


  • Cosmetic Bonding: Correct minor imperfections and enhance the appearance of your teeth with cosmetic bonding.
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We connect ideal dentists to their potential patients

Our dedicated dentists extend a warm welcome to all potential patients, offering personalized care and attention.

Choosing the best dentist is critical for your dental health

Your dental health matters, and selecting the right dentist can make all the difference in achieving optimal oral well-being.

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Our mission is to provide superior dental care to the Cairns community, promote oral health, and create beautiful smiles for all our patients. We are committed to delivering compassionate, personalized treatments in a welcoming environment, ensuring the satisfaction of every individual.

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Our transparent and competitive pricing ensures that you receive top-quality treatments without compromising on affordability. We are dedicated to offering value for money and maintaining complete transparency in our pricing to make your dental experience as stress-free as possible.

Orthodontics with innovative transparent aligners

Experience the future of orthodontics with our innovative transparent aligners, which offer a nearly invisible solution for straightening your teeth. With these clear aligners, you can enjoy the convenience of removable trays and a discreet treatment process that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.
Achieve your dream smile with our cutting-edge orthodontic technology today.

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